なお当事務所では商品の調査依頼を”積極的”にお待ちしています。…が立ち上げたばかりでいろんなところがまだ未熟ですね。大目に見てくださいm(_ _)m。

所長 マーロウ

Welcome to the Gadget Detective office.

Our office focuses on surveys of Chinese gadgets, we will put a keen scalpel into a complicated complex multimedia society and thoroughly investigate various mysteries and doubts.

There are a lot of people who make profits by complicating things in the world. But I think that if you can notice the colorful, you can buy various gadgets at great price and be happy. I hope that this site will be useful to everyone interested in such a thing.

In addition, our office is waiting for investigation requests of products from makers. Please contact us from the contact form. We can reply to you by English or Japanese.

Director Marlowe